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The Query Journey Continues …

June? June? How the heckle can it already be June???

My apologies for my lengthy absence. Busy-ness has struck again … mainly in a very good form.

I’ve been querying my book. I’ve had a few “not quite right for me” rejections, which, call me strange, I did find encouraging; they were complimentary of my writing, and even if the agents were just being nice, it did give me a boost!

However, back in April, I had the exciting experience of opening an agent’s email, one who had requested my full manuscript, steeling myself for another rejection but only to find it was another kind of beast altogether: a request for a revise and resubmit.

As in, she wasn’t quite ready to say “yes” to representing me, but if I was willing to make the changes she suggested, she would have another look at my manuscript and reconsider.


No guarantees, I know. But her suggestions make Very Good Sense, and come what may, I’m hopeful I’ll end up with a much stronger book when I’m done.

It’s a lot of work, though. Almost a complete rewrite. So my presence in the blogosphere may continue to be sporadic for a while to come. But it’s all good. And I got to spend almost a whole Sunday writing today, after an Adelaide Hills bush walk through the chilly morning mist, great inspiration for writing about a foggy Victorian London …


… and then the winter sun popped out to warm my study as I wrote.


Note the blue lump in the window, which is actually a winter-hating cat in hibernation.

All in all, a perfect day! 🙂



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Hello from Query Land … and Cats

It’s mid-March, and I’m getting a little bit excited.

I’m about an inch away from finishing a thorough primping of my query letter. The original version was fine, but upon reflection, it really did need a bit of a “tjuz”. As soon as it’s as fabulous as this little black duck can get it, then woosh, out the door it shall go (and thump, shall go my weary head upon my desk).

Then it’s back to working on my short synopsis.

So hard.

So very freaking hard.

At least whenever I look up from my sweat-and-tear-soaked keyboard, I’ll have this ridiculousness to console me:


“We’re gonna need a bigger boat … erm, box.”

I so want to join them. I bet a cat never had to write a synopsis.



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