And what comes next, hey bust a … toe.

As I’ve  bemoaned elsewhere on the interwebs, I have managed to break a toe. The little one on my right foot, and the fourth toe I’ve broken in my accident-prone life, proving yet again that when God was handing out gross motor skills, I was definitely elsewhere. Probably falling off my bike or tripping down the stairs … or violently stubbing a toe.  :-\

According to the doc, it’ll take a good six weeks to heal. I’m supposed to stay off it as much as I can, which you’d think would really make me sit down and write more than ever, right? Well, yes, but I’m also quite amazed at how much a busted toe is messing with my writing.

No, I don’t type with my feet.

What I miss is my daily walk.

Nine times out of ten, when I walk, I’m able to nut out the plot problems that have stumped me, or I suddenly hear those lines of dialogue that are perfectly right, or I’m struck by those “Eureka!” moments when a character suddenly reveals the Really Big Secret they’ve been keeping  … none of which ever seems to come to me through grimly pounding away at the keyboard for hours on end, hoping that sheer “butt-in-chair” tenacity will solve everything.


So I’ll have to come up with a substitute for the next few weeks. Some sort of mindless activity where the conscious mind can disengage, allowing the subconscious and all its problem-solving brilliance to come to the fore …


Toilet scrubbing?

Fridge magnet rearranging?

“Keeping up with the Kardashians” watching?

Hmm. The choices are scarily endless.






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4 responses to “And what comes next, hey bust a … toe.

  1. John F Kearney

    How do I reply to you???

    • Hi John! If you go to my blog, you’ll see a tab at the top that says “Contact”. My email address is there, if you want to email me. It’d be great to hear from you. Give my love to all the family! xx

  2. Hope you’re all better now, Rachel!

    • Thanks, Deniz! It’s mending well, although I’ve only been able to tolerate a closed shoe this week. Luckily we’re having an unseasonably warm autumn (many days of 25C and above, crazy!) so I’ve been able to get away with bare feet. Nice! 🙂

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