Hello from Query Land … and Cats

It’s mid-March, and I’m getting a little bit excited.

I’m about an inch away from finishing a thorough primping of my query letter. The original version was fine, but upon reflection, it really did need a bit of a “tjuz”. As soon as it’s as fabulous as this little black duck can get it, then woosh, out the door it shall go (and thump, shall go my weary head upon my desk).

Then it’s back to working on my short synopsis.

So hard.

So very freaking hard.

At least whenever I look up from my sweat-and-tear-soaked keyboard, I’ll have this ridiculousness to console me:


“We’re gonna need a bigger boat … erm, box.”

I so want to join them. I bet a cat never had to write a synopsis.




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6 responses to “Hello from Query Land … and Cats

  1. So cute! But I’m not allowed to wish I could join them… I still have too much editing to do!

  2. Hi Rachel, What is a Query?

    • Hi John! Lovely to see you’re still keeping an eye on my neglected blog. 🙂

      So, what is a query letter? Basically, it’s a sales pitch letter for an unpublished book that you send to a literary agent. The hope is your letter will sufficiently hook/excite/intrigue an agent so that they then ask to read your full manuscript … and if they like what they read, hopefully they will then offer to represent you in selling your novel to publishing house.

      (In America, the vast majority of publishing houses will only consider manuscripts that come to them via the agent system. This isn’t the case in Australia, but given the American market is so much bigger than ours, I’m having a crack there first).

      So a query letter has to showcase your writing ability, and show you have a unique, intriguing and marketable book that is a good match with the type of book an agent is interested in representing … and do all this in 300- 500 words. Brain-melting process.

      Hope you’re keeping well. Say hi to all the clan in Alabama for me! xx

      • John Kearney

        Hi Rachel Me again I am just getting the gist of how to reply. You have my sympathy for a broken toe. I may have told you already but one time at Christmas while making a fire in our fireplace at home (before Maria banned them!!) I dropped the yule log on my little toe and broke it. It was very painful and inconvenient. But four times?. You must have received the broken toe genes from Wally. We will see you around the end of August. Love from the Alabamians. John

    • Ah, a broken toe for Christmas would not have been fun. And yes, I definitely have my dad’s klutz genes! 😉 Looking forward to seeing you guys, too. Take care! xx

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