Aaaaand … I’m done.

Yes, after an intensive six weeks of butt-in-chair final revisions and edits, I’m very pleased to say The Colours of the Dead is finally done!

(well, as much as any writer can ever say they’re done; the temptation to fiddle is *always* there. No, Rachel, back away from that keyboard NOW!)


I’ve added an updated blurb and an excerpt under the blog’s “Books” tab if you’d like a peek. And now the next challenge will be going on submission.


Think I’ll take a day to savour the feeling of being finished (that never, ever, gets old) then crack my knuckles and get to it.



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2 responses to “Aaaaand … I’m done.

  1. Squeeeeee! Bring on the champagne and strawberries!
    (Why are those two always taken together? I’d rather have a nice Gamay…)
    Hope you have a nice loooong restful weekend!!
    Beta offer still stands 🙂

    • Thank you! The beta offer is very much appreciated. I’ll doubtless need fresh eyes cast over the book in the near future so I’ll definitely keep you in mind.
      And cheers! *clink*

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